About Us

At Ignition Fitness we are all about empowerment, igniting lifestyle changes, fitness, health, weight loss, muscle gain, kickboxing/muay thai and boxing for anyone. We can help you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Create a healthier lifestyle
  • Learn kickboxing & boxing for fitness only
  • Get in the ring for a kickboxing/muay thai or boxing fight
  • Improve your muscle tone and strength levels with our boot camps
  • Get the best personal training available with workouts including a mixture of kickboxing/muay thai, boxing techniques, compound exercises and new exercises customised to your fitness level
  • Provide ultimate challenges for the ultra fit as well as very gentle exercises for first timers of any age

Brief Overview Of Our Gym

We differ from other gyms in that we offer such a diverse range of services for a diverse genre of clients in an atmosphere where all feel comfortable and welcome. This is very difficult to do when including kickboxing/muay thai and boxing as part of your services however Ignition Fitness have succeeded with this concept in a large spacious gym.

You should always feel comfortable, motivated & confident to join or be at your gym . If you do not then that gym is just not right for you. Come in & see us at Ignition Fitness. We have a fantastic group of students who all started off at square one & know how hard the journey is to make lifestyle changes. We all understand. We cater for everyone & you will be made to fit right in!

Don’t delay act NOW! Be all that you can be. Live a healthy and prosperous life.