WHY GRADE? The idea is to challenge yourself and enjoy the empowerment journey of passing each grading and attaining each flame.

Not everyone has to grade. This is only for those who wish to take up the challenge. Not all of the grading will be muay thai/kickboxing elements. There are and will be all sorts of components to each level.

The basis for all grading is to have a grasp of muay thai/ kickboxing technique, cardio endurance, ability to perform compound exercises and overall fitness and strength.

We have designed a grading system to motivate those who do not have the opportunity to test their skills and abilities in the ring. We understand that not everyone wants to be a fighter and at Ignition Fitness you are not expected to be a fighter. We offer diverse training to cater for each individual as it is, at the end of the day… IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Good luck to those of you who wish to take on the challenges and earn your flames.